Maely @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I haven’t done a solo in ages. So im not totally sure what to expect, but im definitely excited and curious to see what happens !

After the Shoot :

Wow ! That was super fun !

Maely for Abby Winters

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    A lovely hairy bush, a lovely hairy arse, a lovely hairy bush woman. As a AfAm man I would love to please a woman like her. TY

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    I’m imagining I’m out partying. I’m drunk, it’s late, she’s kind of homely, but what the hell. Get her home she gets naked to reveal that hot body. Nice hot hairy snatch and great tits. Jackpot.
    If she’s cool, I’ll take her out for new haircut and contact lenses.

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    Wow just look at the pubic hair on this woman - so long and thick sprouting all over her groin and down her inner thighs. Great to see how hairy her armpits and puckered anus are too. She has a rather homely face but her genitals are gorgeous and love how she peels open her hairy pink labia to show deep inside her gaping vagina. Can imagine she gets very horny - must be able to smell her sexual odours a mile away when aroused.

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