Lulu @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I was kind of nervous when I woke up this morning ... will I find the place on time ... will they like me ... ??? Wee, so far everyone is smiles here ! Looking forward to the shoot !

After the Shoot :

It was great !! Shooting with Izzy & Beth was amazing. I felt safe, comfortable and sexy ! This is how porn-shootings should be. I’m excited about the next one !

Lulu for Abby Winters

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    Really gorgeous, lovely fun girl! Love the orange tights, but even better is the beautiful full bush encased within. Kisses from me!!

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    Is that your real name Lulu? Nice. Gorgeous girl, I love her hairy pussy - I love the shot of her sitting with legs apart, and that pussy on show - the hair makes it so much more naughty and rude - a luscious fingerable cunt surrounded by lots of soft black cunt hair.She seems so proud of it as she looks into the lens, and so she should be. Very yum indeed.GK.

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    Lulu, you’re gorgeous. I love the photo of you where you can see your armpit hair. Great face and body. You are very sexy.

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    Love how beefy and brown her pussy lips are

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    This Spanish woman is so erotic and just love the contrast between her small breasts and her very hairy genitals and armpits. Her pussy lips are so meaty and interesting to see how her fat pink clitoral hood gives way to her fleshy wrinkled brown labia. Her sweaty hairy cunt must smell amazing when she is aroused. She is clearly very sexual and also models as Pau Pappel - she has also done a hardcore scene on a boat where her lover thrusts inside her wet hairy pussy lips while she masturbates her clit, until he withdraws and spurts semen over her pale buttocks.

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