Lucia M @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m glad to be here shooting for AbbyWinters. I’m also a little bit nervous. It will be funny and a new experience for me.

After the Shoot :

I had a great time ! I felt comfortable and I enjoyed sharing my intimacy with you. I hope you enjoy that as much as me. See you soon !

Lucia M for Abby Winters

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    Holy heck would you look at the pussy on this young lady! I’ve never seen such a hairy pussy, she’s even got pubes growing on her thighs. Cute girl with a decent set of tits in her too. Hope to see some more of her spreading her pussy lips and fingering herself for us.

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    Superb titties

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    Superb titties and bush.

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    This young Spanish woman (she also models under the name Aragne Spicy) has the most amazingly hairy genitals. Just look at how her massively thick black pubic hair spreads all over her inner thighs and pubis. You must be able to smell her sweaty pussy a mile off when she is aroused. And she has such thick plump wrinkled labia too which must taste divine when suckled. I could make love to her hairy vulva all night with my tongue tasting her vaginal juices.

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