Lucia M @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m glad to be here shooting for AbbyWinters. I’m also a little bit nervous. It will be funny and a new experience for me.

After the Shoot :

I had a great time ! I felt confortable and I enjoyed sharing my intimacy with you. I hope you enjoy that as much as me. See you soon !

Lucia M for Abby Winters

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    That body hair makes me crazy... so sexy!

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    Pretty hot girl, would love to join in painting in the nude...

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    Wow this woman has the hairiest genitals I’ve ever seen - her thick pubic hair is so rampant it spreads down her inner thighs and up to her navel. Great to see Lucia’s extremely hairy anus and armpits too - she must smell amazingly sexual when aroused. Love her large plump breasts and thick, meaty brown labial flaps nestled inside her pubic hair which look ripe for licking and sucking. The full video is very hot where she rubs chillis over her engorged clitoris, masturbates her hairy swollen labia and fingers her wet vagina until her body spasms with orgasm.

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