Louise B @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

A lot of things changed since my first shoot ! I travelled a lot, had loads of projects, and had loads of sex with awesome people from all over the planet ! My sex life evolved a lot and I can’t wait to see how much pleasure I can get in front of the camera ! So happy to be back !

After the Shoot :

The day was so relax, we had a lot of fun. We shot in a beautiful flat full of windows through which the sun was shining. It was really cool. Hopefully my next shoot was soon, and I would really like doing it with a girl. Now i’m going to enjoy my last night in Amsterdam before going back home !

Louise B for Abby Winters

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    Love this cute Arab girl - she has such an adorable smile, delightful small breasts and a gorgeous natural thick bush of black pubic hair around her genitals. She is clearly a very sexual creature and her thick purple labia look so ripe for sucking and licking. She also models as Melody with lustery where you can watch her get her hairy pussy eaten out, slide her vagina over her boyfriend’s penis and watch her masturbate her hairy vulva by rubbing her lover’s genitals all over her pussy until she moans and spasms with orgasm.

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