Louisa @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Before my shoot I was a little anxious because I didnt know how it was going to turn out yet at the same time.
I was excited about being on film and having the girls ask me questions!
I dont know what they ll ask but I’m sure it can be nothing but fun !!!
I hope it goes well.

After the Shoot :

After my shoot I was excited because it had been so much fun!
The second time was even more fun than the first!

I loved every minute of it and would love to have all the girls go crazy in my house
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Louisa for abby winters

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    Pretty girl,lovely body, & she shows off her bald cunt well. What a gal, not scared to pull those pussy lips back hard & show us what she is made of, that’s what we lads love to see, to help our erections - very horny close-ups, she gets 5/5 from me for that alone, but she is gorgeous all over.Your boyfriend must enjoy shoving his cock in you up to the hilt.

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    I agree with the above. Louisa’s pussy gymnastics are out of this world.Wish I was her boyfriend I would ask her to do this for me before we fuck - get her to show me her shaved cunt first, and open it up for me to see while I play with my cock & get it primed. I like all the shots of her cunt-play, but that one showing her anus is extra horny. Would love to wank across her cunt & anus like in that pic, & drop my sperm so it fills both holes. But then I would want to start all over again, lick her luscious cunt lips, until I am hard again, so I get to put my cock inside as well, & cum inside.

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    This is how pussy is meant too look like! And this is also how tits should be! You also have a bery nice arsehole, and I love those moles of yours!

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    A very impressive set of pictures. I particularly like the close up of Louisa’s pussy where the darkness of her fingernails contrasts with her pale skin. The pale skin of her lips as they are pulled back to show, in brilliant fashion, her delightful vagina. Mouthwatering!

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    Very nice and hot.

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    I love it when they do the full frontal tit shot close up. You can see every minute detail.

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