Lotte L @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Ok I’m so glad 2 b back @ winters ! I’m surrounded by colors & the stuff I love. The shoot producer is still putting out stuff and she’s really busy but I wanna start !
After the Shoot :
I can’t lie ! It was sooo much fun ! I got to play with everything, I got to show off my hairyness ! And y’all are gonna see all of it !!! Let me know what you think !
Lotte L for Abby Winters

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    you are so cute!!!

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    This German girl is so cute. Just look at her massive erect and throbbing dark red nipples which must be very sensitive - she clearly loves having them pinched and bitten from the way she clamps them so hard. In the video she talks about how she also loves to have her anus penetrated and fingered, how this makes her vagina seem tighter, and proves it by inserting her anal plug before masturbation. Lotte’s naturally hairy genitals and armpits look so sweaty and her juicy smooth labia are the same colour as the thick lips on her face. Great to see how sweaty her body gets and the pleasure she takes from riding her huge dildo, sliding her hairy pussy lips over it as if it were a real penis. And when she orgasms so erotic to see how she grunts and moans, while her body flushes as her vagina contracts with pleasure over her dildo.

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