Lola L @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
This morning I woke up early to enjoy the sunrise on my balcony. As I watched, I had a cup of tea to keep me warm. After that I took a hot shower to get ready for a fun filled day !
After the Shoot :
I feel great, I feel super energized after playing with my pussy. The day has been super hot, in more ways than just temperature.
Lola L for Abby Winters

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    Nice to see a chunkier model featured with an ordinary woman’s body. Love Lola’a floppy breasts and how her brown nipples point in different directions, the acne pimples on her face and thighs, and her natural tufts of armpit hair capturing her sweat and sexy body odour. Best of all Lola is your gorgeous pussy nestled within your thick bush of black pubic hair. Your meaty purple-brown vulva looks so inviting, with those long wrinkled labia flaps just calling out to be suckled. From the way you peel apart your vaginal lips and butt cheeks to expose your anus it is clear you are a very sexual creature.

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