Lissa W @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I’m soexited for my first shoot. It will be an amazing day ! I feel so confortable with Adriana, she is so nice !
After the Shoot :
well how can I start ... we start so motivated early in the morning, we did all the paper work, it took a couple hours to set lightning and equipment. And when we were doing some examing exercises to start the shoot, there was an issue with the electricity and the power run out for a few hours, so we decided to enjoy the sun and the day in the poo, while we are waiting for the power to come back ... but for our surprise, once we were back it was a big storm and thunders. It was so scary and guess what ! the power was out again ! So we decided to reschedul. It was an accidentaly day but we were in a really good mood, always laughing and talking. I was so exited that week for the next shoot day. The second shoot day was so fluid, the lightning was perfect and I feel so confortable. Adriana is so funny and nice. I hope to be able to do another shoot soon ! Thanks to the AB crew for an amazing experience.
Lissa W for Abby Winters

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