Lissa W & Lorenzo @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Lissa W : After a long trip to Barcelona : feel so excited to share my partner "Lorenzo" We are having sex in front of a camera for the first time and that’s something we always wanted to do in our fantasies. So I think this would be a interesting experience as a couple. Hope we can give each other a lot of pleasure ... as we usually do, je ,je, je ...
Lorenzo : Excited to be in Barcelona for the first time. I feel a deep connection to Lissa and I’m very exited to share this with her. I really want to give her deep pleasure for camera.
After the Shoot :
Lissa W : Omg ... I want to do this again and again, everything was perfect, we enjoyed a lot and Ursula made us feel so comfortable. I really enjoy the feeling of be who I am and most it is with the person im in love with.... even here in the middle of winter I felt so warm.
Lorenzo : The experience was amazing !!! Ursula made us feel super confortable. It was much easier to flow in front of Camera than I expected. I felt I could be myself in front of the camera and I think that makes it more authentic.
Lissa W & Lorenzo for Abby Winters

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    What a great shoot. Lissa might not be the prettiest model but she has a decent chunky body with full plump breasts and nice fleshy labia. She clearly has a strong sexual appetite from the delight on her face when sucking Lorenzo’s swollen penis and then sliding her moist hairy vulva over his engorged organ. She also clearly enjoys getting her anus fingered and penetrated. The full video is worth watching in which Lissa suckles on her lover’s hairy testicles, makes him finger her tight anal orb while she rubs her clitoris, and then groans as he spurts his semen all over her plump butt cheeks.

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    What a cute little anal slut.

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