Lisa T - Abby Winters

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Age: 19
Height: 163

Before the Shoot :

Feeling slightly nervous but looking forward to it. Here goes nothing !

After the Shoot :

Had a great time, feel very well taken care of and pretty sexy. enjoy !

Lisa T for Abby Winters

    • I think "un-inspiring" is grossly unfair. Lisa is a naturally very beautiful young lady and you should respect that.

    • Oh, I think it’s a bit harsh to say "uninspiring"... Lisa is a beautiful lass with nice rounded breasts and an excellent figure. Hmm, her bum is delicious.

      However, I’d have to agree that it’s a pity that she doesn’t go "all the way"; which is, I suspect, what you were getting at.

      It looks like Lisa has quite "meaty" lips on her cunt given the way that her labia escape round the sides of her knicker gusset. I’d love to see what delights
      she has between her legs without any knickers on. I can picture her opening her legs whilst smiling into the camera (as she does in some of these
      photographs) and gently spreading her cunt nice and wide. Just imagine, lovely smmile and a nice wet hole framed by large sculptural labia..., "that" would definitely be inspiring.

      It’s up to you of course Lisa, but I think lots of us would love to see that :-)

  • I’m glad I read these messages because Lisa T probably does too, and that inspired me to write one: What an amazingly healthy, beautiful lady I see in these photos; with a heart(?)-catching smile!

  • A boring set, very middle of the road.

  • Can’t believe the negative comments Lisa is getting.
    A. You probably couldn’t take better pictures.
    B. You probably wouldn’t take all your clothes off to be shown on the internet.
    C. You probably are not going to end up married to a girl this cute.

    D. When you are mean about a girls pictures, it hurts the girl. So be nice, she is a person not just a picture. And she might be reading.

  • Lisa is a beautiful young woman ! Attractiveness is subjective, but there isn’t many as sexy as Lisa on AW !

  • Uninspiring? I’ve got something in my hand right now that says otherwise...

  • How can you have anything bad to say about her? She’s beautiful. I prefer natural and real over pounds of silicone and makeup any day of the week!

  • Hey!!! She’s gorgeous with a cute bubble butt. And she’s natural - I like that. :)

  • Lisa T is magnificent! This gorgeous babe has a cute ass and shapely thighs and calves. She is built just the way I like ’em. Nice body proportions. This beauty is blessed. ;)

  • Lisa T is gorgeous and she looks delicious. I wish her tan lines were darker. I love tan lines on a gorgeous woman.

  • I hope Lisa T turns pro someday. She’s too gorgeous to stay an amateur. It would be great to see her posing nude everywhere on the internet - this way, I can feast my eyes on her. ;)

  • lisa has eyes a beautiful face and great blue, her breasts are awesome and her slightly hairy pussy is great.

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  • Anna S : I love her lips !!!
  • Vera : Great photos, body and how big are those inner pussy lips. Cannot imagine them pushing back and (...)
  • Chloe V & Maia : I wish I’m at Maia place
  • Chloe V : Love your body sooo much..want to lick it every milimeter of it..especially your pussy and (...)
  • Chloe V : Love your body sooo much..want to lick it non stop
  • Alexa : Send me your wet panty..
  • Marilyn D : Lick every kilometer of your skin
  • Alexa : Wow looking at her big perky tits and hairy pussy got me throbbing and I came in no (...)
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