Lisa M - Abby Winters

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Age: 27
Height: 170
City: Melbourne

With her lean limbs and alluring smile Lisa M is back showing us more of her amazing body and what she does to maintain it.

  • Lisa, you are beautiful! Love the pics with your legs apart - wish I could have been there to help you with my tongue!

  • so so gorgeous, thank you...i love your smile.

  • On a scale 0f 1 to 10 I would have to rate you as a 12 plus, you are absoulety beautiful in every way shape and form, no effort was spared when you were put togeather. Thanks for sharing your beautiy with us here in the States.


  • I agree with the above, Lisa is exceptional — a beautiful face & body, & a pussy to die for — I am in love with her in that shot of her smiling at us as she pulls back her cunt lips & shows us what she’s got — lovely pink inside. I can imagine her doing that — opening up her beautiful hairy cunt to show me while I pull my cock, before inserting it into her. Luscious little titties too, Lisa, but your snatch is beyond belief — please, please don’t ever shave it, keep that little bit of hair above your pussy — maybe even some around your vagina lips, as it is sooo horny with hair around it, so lickable, & fuckable.5/5 for me, should be 10 or 12.

  • Ditto. Lisa is one gorgeous gal overall, with an absolutely horny cunt. Would love to be playing with it as she sucks on my cock, as I open up her snatch, caressing her clitoris & sticking my fingers in. Would love to see that lovely smile looking at me as I cum my sperm onto her cunt-lips & into her pubic hair. Then soon after she could suck me some more & get me fat again so I can cum inside her. I am in love too. Again, AW excels herself with girls sporting very sexy hairy pussies. Real men love girls with hairy cunts, they are that extra bit more sexy and fuckable.

  • hai.. lisa u are very cute.. i like u. let me see your pissing pics

  • As chairman of the itty bitty titty committee, I can say with some authority. You have some very, very nice tits.

  • Lisa you are stunning, perfect in every way. Awsome titties and pussy,Your pussy looks so tight and i bet it tastes fabulous!!! Thank you

  • Very sensual, natural, attractive and gentle...

    You are absolutely stunning

  • Amazing, you’re my favourite!!! More pics, pls!

  • I can see why all the above guys are cunt-struck with their comments,whew, Lisa is absolutely beautiful, face and bod is gorgeous, and getting her pussy out to show us is a dream come true. Especially horny that she is 27, an age at which you might think she would be a bit less frivouos than some of the younger Abby girls. But no, she is keen to let us see her pussy, and how. - even pulling it right open for all to see. She has made me cunt-struck too, gorgeous pussy, wish I could touch it, but seeing its delectable folds and how Lisa plays with it is pretty damn good. Yum. JG

  • What a beautiful, taut body. Remarkable.

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