Lian @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
It’s my first time doing a nude shoot and OMG I’m so much excited ! Maybe a little bit nervous but mostly thrilled to discover and connect with my own body and most importantly to have fun ! Vegas is such a cool city and I had one of the best sushi meals here last night ! I can’t wait to explore the city more and to do my shoots with Abbywinter !
After the Shoot :
I had so much fun today ! I felt so confident and beautiful during the whole shoot and I even learned some new intersting ways of taking off clothes tht could be usefull for the future >_< Abbywinters is AWESOME & I can’t wait to shoot with them again ! I feel so comfortable with my own body & hope everyone can love their own bodies. Now I’m going to go explore Vegas ! Hope to have some good food & fun !
Lian for Abby Winters

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