Lian @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
This is my second shoot with AbbyWinters but my first explicit shoot so i’m really excited ! I had some egg benedicts ( with tomato & mozzarella ! ) this morning and am feeling energized. I’m slowly adapting to Vegas’s crazy weather & I can predict that I’m gonna feel so hot during the shoot today. Super excited to get started !
After the Shoot :
Today was so much fun ! I really enjoyed doing this explicit shoot and showcasing my body & how much I love my own body ! I got to talk about some topics that I’ve never had the chance and space to talk about, such as my interest in girls - maybe after today I will explore more of that and tell my girl crush about it lol. It was also a lot of fun to try to move around on this super soft bed, it’s almost like a bouncing castle :) I would love to do more shoots for Abbywinters in the future <3
Lian for Abby Winters

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