Leslie @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

My first day was obviously very nervous especially before. Once arriving at AW, I was so shocked at how real and professional it all is. All the girls are so welcoming. I’m so excited to shoot with Abbywinters especially now. Bring it on !!!

After the Shoot :

I though AW wasn’t real tbh, but they’re more than real. Lots of love !

Leslie for Abby Winters

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    Definition of perfect.....

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    Leslie is mega cute and what a delicious little bumhole she has.

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    Soooo cute. Just 19 and showing her bits off on the web ... magical :-)

    Thankyou Leslie, I really enjoyed the sight of your sweet young body and the thought of your tight young vagina.

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    Wow this Canadian girl has a stunning body - love her pert petite breasts, small delicate labia, tight anal orb and trimmed mass of pubic hair. Leslie must have enjoyed this shoot as you can see her arousal when she spreads her legs in the penultimate photo to show her sexual juices oozing from her vulva. She has also done a B-G shoot for AW where she gets incredibly horny, worshipping her boyfriends penis before making him thrust hard inside her hairy pussy from behind until her vagina is left dribbling with semen.

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