Lelyah @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Today I have very good mood and want to show you something about my life, hobbies and interests. Lets join me and enjoy time with me ! Kiss you.

After the Shoot :

It was nice to share my stories with you and fun to remember it. I had a great time but feel some tired. Hope you had a good time with me. I will remember today’s day. Bye now and see you soon.

Lelyah for Abby Winters

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    hii lelyah...one thing for sure i gonna do is let her stand in front of me while wearing that green shirt and that cute panty..you are sooo cute on that outfit..i`ll be on my knees,hug her butt and smell, sniff her wonderful pussy through her panty...love you lelyah

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    Is it on purpose, that we can read the full name on the airplane tickets?

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