Layla K @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Today is sunny but cold. Today is my shooting day and I’m a little bit nervous but exited !!! A couple of sweat drops, a nice coffee with Ursula and I feel ready to give my best in the photoshoot. Wish me luck !

After the Shoot :

I just feel so beautiful and strong !! Thank you Ursula ! It was really funny and I totally would repeat this experience. We are tired from the hard work but is totally worth it !! The best clothes are your own skin !

Layla K for Abby Winters

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    Wow, Layla K is beautiful and incredible all around. She seems like a total sweetheart. I rarely subscribe to sites, but I have to see more of Layla. Great work "Abbey Winters"!

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    A classical beautiful woman! Her lovely breasts and gorgeous voluptuous vulva are a privilege to witness.

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    komm in mein Bett dann lecke ich dich die ganze Nacht

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    This German woman is very sexual and clearly enjoys showing off her naked body. Although she has a rather masculine face and broad shoulders, her small breasts are very erotic with such large pink areolae. Best of all is her massive untamed bush of pubic hair sprouting all around her genitals and inner thighs. Love Layla’s fleshy wrinkled brown labial flaps, one of which is much longer than the other which she demonstrates by stretching out in her video. What a dream to suckle on those meaty pussy lips and taste her vaginal juices.

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