Laura N @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Finally ! I have arrived at the office, and I’m really looking forward to my forst shoot with Abby Winters. It was quite a trip but here I am ! This is going to be so much fun, I’m sure that the pictures will show that ...

After the Shoot :

... it has been a long but fun day ! I’m feeling sexy ! I can’t wait until the next shoot ... I always wanted to use these in a shoot ...

Laura B for Abby Winters

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    When you open your legs, oh, what a delight :-)

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    Oh Laura, you are so pretty with your elfin-like features and a gorgeously cute smile. It’s a delight to see you getting naked ... and then you open your legs.

    I love your jet-black pubic hair, and then there’s your cunt. It looks very nice here (you seem to be getting quite wet down there), but I do hope you come back and spread it properly for us. It looks like you have some nice lips down there which need stretching, and I think the pink juicy insides of your cunt and a nicely gaping vagina will look great contrasted with your black bush whilst you open your legs wide and smile into the camera..

    All up to you of course, but here’s hoping :-)

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    Beautiful love the under arms hair just great.

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    This woman is gorgeous - such a pretty face and a stunningly sexual body. Love how she keeps her body natural and unshaven so we can see her fine black hairs sprouting from her nipples, armpits and genitals. Her small uneven breasts and dark brown fleshy labia look so ripe for sucking and licking, and her pussy must smell intoxicating with her sexual odours when aroused. Laura also models for the female orgasm where you can watch her masturbate her hairy pussy, lubricate her erect nipples with her own vaginal juices and see her hairy vulva and anus spasm with orgasm.

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