Larissa M - Abby Winters

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Age: 21
Height: 171
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Hi everyone !
How are you ?
I am so excited to be shooting again, this time I will show you my drumming skills!
Hope you enjoy my shoot as much as I do and have a lot of fun !
See you soon!

After the Shoot :

Hey everyone !
Thanx for watching me! I hope you enjoyed my drum performance, I had an awesome time putting it together for you !
See you next time, mwah !

Larissa M for Abby Winters

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    how many times i wank with you in my imagination, i don’t know. if i could ever own you, it’s more than i own the whole world. the guy who has the chance to fuck you must be very lucky indeed. and i’m very jealous even thinking of that.

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    Why? No idea but they are sexy.

  • This set of Larissa has so many highlights, they are nearly all highlights! First, where she is just standing naked (groan, I wish I were in the room) - her white skin is soo sexy, and that curvy white pussy mound with the bit of hair on it. Then, those shots of her opening her pussy - cute tight pussy it is, she makes a little pink vase with her cunt, as though inviting a stiff cock to drop a large load of sperm into it, and fill it up until it overflows.Larissa is so careful in how she positions her fingers, gets that beautiful shaven cunt to part perfectly and holds it for the camera shot. I would love to be in the room to know what was said to get her to do that. ("Ok Larissa, now would you just open your pussy lips with your two fingers . . ." or whatever, yum). She is such a natural at it, so I guess she has done this before, maybe for her boyfriend (lucky guy). She gets a stars for her gorgeous tits, 3 for her pretty face and body, and another for her absolutely luscious vagina. Probably the horniest open slit I have ever seen for years. David.

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