Kyna D @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

It’s a sunny & beautiful day and I’m about to shoot with Ursula. The location is gorgeous !

After the Shoot :

I’ve decided that I definitely need to climb more trees when I get home ... Goodbye Barcelona It’s been great !

Kyna D for Abby Winters

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    Very nice and womanly. I love the wet picture. Looks yummy!

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    One of the loveliest gals on AW I have seen. And the most sensual of all! Love her dark her, and that amazing bush. She has the sexiest, most gorgeous cunt a man (or woman) could ever wish for, with all that beautiful cunt hair around it, wow. Her pretty, innocent face is the cherry on top, not to mention those amazing titties. Especially love her open-leg shot (on her side - and the knowing smile - knowing that we are all looking at her beautiful hairy vagina (and the rest of her of course). This shoot has made my week, mein gott.

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    So nice to see a woman with an ordinary body featured. Kyna’s homely face, large pendulous breasts, uneven areolae, short legs and unshaven mass of body hair make her seem more normal than most models. Her fleshy little labia are quite short so expect her vagina is really tight, and her anus looks so delicate. Lovely shot of her peeling apart her hairy vulva to show off her wrinkled pussy lips and creamy vaginal juices oozing out of her aroused cunt. Would love to thrust my tongue deep inside her sweaty pussy and taste her sexual juices.

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