Kylie T - Abby Winters

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Age: 24
Height: 170

Before the Shoot :

Driving the shot as I write ... ahhhh ! Lil nervous but quite excited as this is my second shoot so I kind of a know what to expect. Looking forward to getting naked infront of me camera again !

After the Shoot :

The girls were amazing so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. Looking forward to doing it again !

Kylie T for Abby Winters

  • Kylie T deserves a lot more votes. Maybe it’s the high number of shots semi-clothed that makes this set a bit tame, or maybe her pics have only just come online. But there are a few great fully nude pics for the avid eroticist. I love the two of you fully naked Kylie. You have a nice body I would love to hug, & a cheeky, cute face particularly in the standing pic at bottom — yes, cute face & super cute dimples, & then I look down to a nice pair of tits & fantastic shaved slit. Nice horny close-up of you pulling at your pussy by the way. I am normally a hairy pussy enthusiast, but Kylie gets my vote for overall hornyness, & a bald pussy I really want to touch, & finger slowly. Would be nice to be there on shaving day, & watch her lather her slightly stubbley pussy lips & shave herself totally bald again, & maybe ask me to look at it closely,& give both my verbal & visual (erect) approval. I would love to watch her do that (or shave some of her succulent mick for her), & then feel the smooth results, lick her a little, and get her to pull back her fanny lips & show me her inside, & to allow my tongue to explore some more. Gorgeous girl. 5 out of 5.

  • I agree with the above. Spunky girl, great snatch. Would love to put my cock in there anytime.

  • Omg, you are adorable!!! I love everything, your boobs, pussy, and lovely ass...o for just one long hot shower with u. Such natural beauty, your full frontal shot makes me melt

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  • Hanne : Gorgeous eyes, cheeky smile. Just beautiful.
  • Janey : What a cute ass and pussy, would love to make wild love to you right now
  • Candace : Would also love to just flick her tits around, smack them around a little, squeeze them, grope (...)
  • Candace : Wouldn’t mind sucking on those big juicy white tits of hers while sliding up inside her tight (...)
  • Claudia S & Lulu : I like how you have pictures of each of them performing on the other, from the same angles (...)
  • Allison : The woman is beautiful, reminds me of a former girlfriend, full of energy, playful in (...)
  • Zhen : Gorgeous; her professional stuff is spanktastic too. Talented girl.
  • Zhen : You so Beautiful.
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