Krista @ Abby Winters

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Before shoot :

I have been partying all week one of the biggest party week of my life.

So therefore I’m really tired But really hyped to be fineally doing this.
Can’t wait until it get all underway so I can go home with a big pocket of cold
hard cash !
Love Always Krista.

After shoot!

I felt really confortable.
I got laugh a lot with the girls it turn out
we alreadythen each of her which made it break the ice.
I foud it really easy to open up and let loose a little
Always Krista !

Krista for Abby Winters

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    tres exitante !!!

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    En effet, très excitante...
    You should be on party for one week more often. Anywhen with you... notify me if you get back to the experience.

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    I think Krista’s photos are the horniest in AW. Why? Because she has the ultimate cute girl-next-door face - like a girl you meet one day & try to imagine what she looks like naked. there is a bit of the nerd in her, which makes her even more sexy - coz you don’t expect such a girl to show off her pussy. But here she is getting all her gear off & showing us her fantastic hairy snatch with apparent keenness.I love that pic of you with legs spread & looking at your hairy cunt as you pull the lips back Krista. That gave me a big erection.God the more I look at this set the more I want your cunt Krista. I would love you to pull your piss flaps back as I watch & wank myself, & drop my sperm onto your open labia & into your cunt hair.You would be my pick of all the Abby girls to fuck without a doubt, but spend a long time playing about first, looking at your pussy, & opening it up & pushing my fingers in with the occasional lick. That pic of you with legs wide open & smirky smile shows off your cunt so well, the horniest hairy cunt I have seen in years, with those protruding meaty lips. That pic is the one that finally made me cum. Thanking you soo much Krista. D.

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    When I saw Krista’s cute face I guessed she would have a hairy box & I was right - I seem to get it right 9/10, some girls just look like they would have a hairy snatch & others look like they shave. Krista’s cunt is amazing, a nice hairy mick I would love to finger. I would love to feel those protruding lips, get them between my fingers & then open them up. That is a nice pic of her looking down at her hairy pussy as she reams it apart so we can see what she is made of. I could imagine her boyfriend pulling himself off as she spreads like that for him, & then he wanks his sperm all over her open cunt & into her cunt hair. Would be nice to see.I agree she is the best I have seen on Abby W, because of her cute innocence - you don’t expect such a real girl next door type like her to get her gear off, let alone show us her spread fanny. And that makes it all the more horny to see. Fantastic. She gets my 5/5 vote too.

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    You look 18 Krista - great pussy shots, you seem the most eager girl on the site to show her goods - a certain coy but natural sexiness comes across - that hairy beaver of yours is a gem, I envy your boyfriend as he gets down & licks you out -I would get such a big fat if I did that - even harder than the one I get just looking at these pics of your cute face & hairy cunt. Geoff.

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    I wish all the AW girls would be as rude as Krista, & in a way that comes over as though she is really enjoying what she is doing. She is such a natural. Those shots of that black dildo sliding into her nicely hairy twat are brilliant wank material. I like the one of her on all fours & you can see all her succulent hairy gash & anus. What an amazing piece of cunt she has, would love to lick her out from behind like that, & then insert my penis as far as I could shove it. She has such a cute innocent face that it must be unreal for her boyfriend to see that face looking up at him as she sucks his cock, & I am sure she would be an excellent cock sucker. I think she would enjoy pulling on her guy’s foreskin & stroking his balls before shoving his stiff cock into her gorgeous mouth. Don’t ever let a razor near your pussy, Krista, keep it nice and hairy for all your AW shoots. FJ

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