Kitty A - Abby Winters

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Before the Shoot :

Hey good morning ... hehe I am a little sleppy but im so excited to do that because its first time. I hope it will be ok !

After the Shoot :

Yeah .... :) Cool lol hehehe, but was a good experience. We had a nice girl who has take care of us and we haved fun with them. Kiss you guys

Kitty A for Abby Winters

Forum posts

  • Lovely,I would prefer to see a mass of blond curls covering Kitty’s nether region. (Why are there so many shaved pussies at the moment?) Nevertheless Kitty is charming, especially in her little white socks. What a wonderful smile.

  • I don’t knowwhythere is a lack of pubic hair at the moment. I agree with you that it is sorely missed and what is more, I miss spending the next day picking the hairs out of my teeth.

  • Kitty, dont’ listen to them.You look absolutely appetizing the way aou are, so don’t change.Rarely may we discover feminity so crispy as yours. Thanks for offering yourself!

  • she looks like a five year old. please grow the natural woman hair.

    When a real woman takes off her panties. that’s when a real man gets stiff.

  • Kitty - you are amazing. Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful hair and beautiful body. Just beautiful!

  • Kitty Kitty Kitty...everything about you is pretty pretty pretty...the only thing I would change about you is having you live next door.

  • Kitty, you are lovely... really too nice.. all the luck for you!!

  • What a lovely bum!

  • I love your completely shaven pussy :)

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  • Luna R : You have gorgeous eyes and face that looks friendly and kind. Your body is amazing, with all (...)
  • Gretchen & Masie : Love this set. Two willing young ladies.
  • Lucie L : What a tasty young lady.
  • Lawan : What a treat, a beautiful bald Asian spinner.
  • Lawan : She is just adorable.
  • Lana S & Liese : Two beautiful blonde ladies.
  • Charlee : Love those curves
  • Christine : Smoking hottie. You’d be pleased to show her off to the world.
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