Kitti @ Ersties

Kitti embodies her namesake perfectly: inquisitive, lively, and constantly seeking novel experiences. In this exclusive solo session, she eagerly delves into exploring anal play to uncover her own pleasure.

In this alluring solo shoot, Kitti embarks on an exploration of anal play. Prioritizing a profound connection with herself, she invests time in deciphering her desires, especially in the realm of self-pleasure. Gathering her tools, she showcases a rubber glove and a double dildo, intending to indulge in anal stimulation.

Bathed in the sun’s radiant beams accentuating her contours, Kitti initiates her arousal by gently caressing her clitoris. Transitioning into a doggy-style position, she gradually inserts her gloved hand into her backside. The double dildo takes center stage as she begins with the narrower end, skillfully deepthroating it before guiding it into her anal cavity.

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