Khrystyna @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I was excited and nervious the same time ... But I had good feelings that everything will be cool. Hopefully it will be great shooting.

After the Shoot :

Thanks everyone who took part in that great shooting. I am very happy. Everything was even better that I expected. Love it. Kiss you. I had great time here and I’ve cool pictures, I am looking forward to share with you.

Khrystyna for Abby Winters

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    This woman is stunning - lovely small nipples and breasts, while her anus looks so tight and her wrinkled brown pussy lips so long and fleshy. Love the photo where she spreads her legs and her meaty brown labia flaps wide open to show us inside her moist pink vagina. Would make love to her cowgirl style so I could see those thick pussy lips wrapped around my penis as I thrust inside her warm wet cunt.

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