Kayla J & Layla K @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Kayla J : I am so thrilled to meet the beautiful Layla K. I woke up nervous for my first GG shoot, but my partner is just too sweet ! I feel happy & I am looking forward to this afternoon.
Layla K : OMG ! I am so happy to be shooting with the gorgeous Kayla J. It’s her very forst GG shoot. So i’ll do my best to make it an AMAZING Experience !

After the Shoot :

Kayla J : Layla K is an amazing partner ! I think it was sweet of her to call me natural; she is the best teacher ! I look forward to mainaining our friendship.
Layla K : I’m so impressed with kayla J ! She is so Charismatic and fun and we had an amazing chemistry together ... and I’m sure this is an experience that neither of us will forget.

Kayla J & Layla K for Abby Winters

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    Wow - so great to see two natural dark blondes with such unshaven thick hair around their genitals and anuses. Layla’s cunt and anus looks particularly hairy and her pubic hair seems to spread down her inner thighs. Love the picture of them exposing their little erect clitorises to each other peeking through sweaty matted tufts of pubic hair. The sexual odours must be intoxicating from their sweaty aroused pussies

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