Katherine F - Abby Winters

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Age: 23
Height: 170

Before the Shoot :

hi Everyone ! I’m about to do my redux shoot. i’m not as nervous this time but I’m still really excited ! It’s going to be heaps of fun !! I hope it goes well.

After the Shoot :

We had a bit of a slow start today but the shoot went well in the end. I’m really tired now. I think i’m ready for bed. It was a great day and i had heaps of fun and got to meet some new Abbywinters staff.

Katherine F for Abby Winters

  • Katherine,I love your pale skin, no tan lines... and I hope you keep it that way. All that harsh sun is not good for the skin.

    The paleness of your skin just serves to emphasise your pubic hair, the pink flush between your legs, and your even darker pink nipples.

    Looking at you pretty face and body gave me a good hard erection, even more so when you got completely naked and displayed your fine looking cunt.

    Thankyou for that. Of course I know it’s up to the girls how much they show, but I really do prefer the sets where they build up to opening their legs like you do... very stimulating.

  • to fall in love, one of the most beautiful girl

  • Katherine F. Please do an Intimate photo shoot of you doing normal everyday things, ie work, school and then coming home and unwinding with a bubblebath or getting ready to go out with the girls.

  • Damn... That is one hot lady... Why doesn’t my girlfriend look like that..

    Oh yeah, I forgot. I’m fat, fugly and forty...

  • You have a lovely air of naturalness and beauty. I have enjoyed your videos your very much which are wonderfully hot. Seeing you sucking and finger fucking other girls is tremendous and gets me hot in more places than under my collar.

  • the most beautiful pussy in abby, can not at all get enough of her

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  • Kimberly J : What beautiful nipples and bald pussy, you are giving me such an erection Kimberly
  • Sondrine : Such a lovely body, would love to explore your hairy bush and kiss your nipples (...)
  • Anais V : Is she single?!?!
  • Mary J : Super cute! Beautiful face! Awesome bush!
  • Blaise : It’s difficult to describe what a perfect set of breasts look like but whenever I’m having the (...)
  • Ball Pit Girls : What’s the name of the brunette in jeans with nice tits?
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