Katerina G @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

ALOHA ABBYWINTERS !!!!! So happy to shoot for you today !

After the Shoot :

Thank you ABBYWINTERS ! I really enjoyed today ! Waiting for the next shootings !

Katerina G for Abby Winters

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    There are videos out there of her with her pussy obviously in winter bush mode. So hot. I’d like a threesome with her and Anais V. It would be a short video. I bust a nut in three seconds.

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    This woman is so erotic and her body looks best when her rampant pubic and anal hair is fully grown. Love the contrast between Katerina’s small breasts and tiny nipples, and the thick meaty lips of her protruding hairy vulva. The sexual odour of her pussy must be intoxicating after a couple of days without washing. She has also done a B-G shoot for AW with her massive hairy bush in which she rides her lover vigorously and you can see how engorged and swollen her hairy labia become and her boyfreind’s penis is dripping with her vaginal juices.

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