Karolin @ Abby Winters

Long dark strands of pubic hair spring out as Karolin pulls down her tight denim skirt.
Undressing her petite, athletic body she reveals her toned torso, small breasts and dark full bush. From her bookcase to her sofa she stretches out her long legs and starts to explore her body, from her breasts to her small pink labia. Running her fingers around her small labia she pulls them to one side...

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    Mmmmmm....Karolin, you’re lovely. For starters a real, natural bush of pubic hair - the way it should be.
    I think your breasts are really nice, baby, especially those great, dark nipples.
    The glimpse of your cunt in the second last picture is both tantalising and frustrating....but that sight of meaty lips under hair got me going. Thank you....
    Maybe you’ll open your legs next time for us?

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    After seeing Karolin’s full set I can now happily say she’s a spreader and a really good one too.

    Excellent full frontal, legs wide apart, big smile and cunt lips spread wide open.

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    I love so much i´m chilean karolin. You are very beautifull, i like... to much..

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    What a gorgeous body this hot German chick has. Love Karolin’s small dark erect nipples on her uneven tiny breasts, and how her right breast is a little larger than her left. Best of all though is her thick womanly bush of pubic hair sprouting all over her genitals and inner thighs. In the full set she spreads her labia open showing her thick fleshy brown cunt lips and the pink dampness of her vagina. She is clearly very sexual - love how she draws sketches of her own hairy pussy and in her vid talks about her fantasy of having a man masturbate his penis over her hairy vulva.

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