Kara D @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m back from Camberra, and already back to shoot again wow ... but i’m glad I missed everyone ! Today, I’m doing a solo ! Not sure where it’ll be or what i’ll do exactly but should be fun ! Looking forward to it ! See you after the shoot !

After the Shoot :

It went really well ! I think this was my most sensual, and hopefully best to date ! I got to wear beautiful striped socks in the shoot ! I’ve always wanted to hang cute socks on in a shoot ! It went awesome ! xoxo

Kara D for Abby Winters

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    Kara, You are amazing!

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    I have been viewing Abby winters for some time now and this is the first time I have evver commented on a model.... or even felt the urge to.

    KARA D may be the most beautiful, perfect girl, I have ever seen in my life.

    Perfect face
    Perfect breasts, body, vagina, rear.

    If I could have asked God to send me my perfect angel, it would be Kara.

    Please tell her how much she is appreciated

    Thanks ABBY WINTERS.....good job

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    An absolutely gorgeous girl. Just looking at Kara D’s photosets never fails to give me a good hard erection

    I agree with Kara that she looks at her sensual/sexual best so far in these pics... but, it’s a pity that she doesn’t part those inner lips between her legs for us. They stay gummed together and we don’t even get to see the sight of them gaping open suggestively.

    Kara was not averse to opening up her very fine cunt for us before... ah well, as I said, an absolutely gorgeous girl :-)

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      lol we can’t coz they changed the legality of what they can shoot in the state i live in in Australia....can only do open and closed leg now not ’excplicit’ thats why all the shoots changed haha. i dont care but the gov’t does. tell them to loosen up! lol

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      Well, thanks for posing anyway, you really do look great "just" opening your legs ... though in (for example) in that picture of you on the floor and leaning back against the bed ... well, I still can’t help but wish for you to reach under your thighs and open up your cunt for us. It’s a real pity since you say that you’d be happy to do it and I would find it a great pleasure.

      Let’s hope that the Australian authorities do "loosen up".

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    Dear KARA D,

    You have a fantastically gorgeous body! :) If you ever feel like having a vacation in a nearby warm tropical country, email me at [email protected] love to spend time with you (all expenses paid by me)...look forward to hearing from you soon..Voila

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      Well, that seems like a very generous gesture on your part. But you are basically suggesting that she should be your ’girlfriend’ for money. There is a word for what you are asking her to be.

      There is a big difference between ’model’ and ’hooker’. Please learn that soon before you insult more ladies, hey.

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      Lol Kara here, ive never read this forum before, thats so funny..D’s post makes me laugh a lot. if i ever want an all expenses paid vacation mmm :) but what do you look like D?

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      Should be fun!

      As long as you don’t mind riding in a ’wicked’ camper, touring the rebel villages of PNG...

      ’Nearby Tropical Country’... Oh, please...

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    Hi Kara

    Maybe it would be safer to visit the UK instead, purely sightseeing he he. I’m Dan, 30, a writer from England. Www.danwagstaffe.co.uk - [email protected], be great to hear from you. X

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    U should come to the U.S.A

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    A lovely natural girl. pics are so very natural but please girls keep it all natural down there - so womanly.

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    I believe Kara D has her own website.

    Could you please send it to me


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    I notice some replies by Kara D herself on this forum - first time I have seen that happen - a reply from an Abby girl - and that was quite a whilw ago - wonder if she still checks these comments out at times? Hope so. Pity about the laws of the Australian state she is in, re. spreading her pussy with her fingers etc. But anyway, she is perhaps the best find online in years! Lovely face, body and tits, but above all, her half-hairy pussy - love the hair, and it is definitely more than a pussy - the most gorgeous cunt I have ever seen makes me so hard - I love those two shots of her with legs apart (on floor), especially the lying down one - and that beautiful, meaty hairy cunt is sooo on view. It is such a horny, womanly view. Hope she turns up more soon - maybe from another state where she is allowed to show more - can’t understand these laws - after all, the Internet is acessible anywhere - so what’s the difference? You have made my day/week/month with these pics Kara.JG.

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    Kara. you are beautiful. With love.

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    How she looks today?

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