Josie L @ Ersties

Josie L radiates warm and vivacious energy in this intimate portrait shoot. We first meet her outside a charming café, where she shares insights into her life before inviting us back indoors to witness her intimate moments in the cozy apartment.

Exploring Intimacy with Oneself
Join us as we spend the day with the radiant beauty Josie L, delving into her lifestyle and passions. Josie finds solace in writing, a practice that allows her to connect deeply with her thoughts and emotions. Equally important to her is yoga, a discipline through which she nurtures her body and enhances self-care.

Returning to her snug flat, Josie indulges in a self-care ritual with a full-body oil massage. Relaxed and at ease, she reclines and delights in exploring her body, using playful glass toys to satisfy her desires and embrace the sensations.

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