Jools @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
Well ... this morning in my semi conscious & severly sleep deprived stumblings, I was kinda pensive though more worried about my clothes in the dryer ... After a mad dash through the city to get here - public transport does suck - I’m pretty pumped. The staff here are FANTASTIC; star service so far, so I’m feeling fairly confident - not sure if that confidence will still be there who I have to get my kit off !
I’m excited & looking forward to a great day !
After the Shoot :
Feeling pretty tired, though it was invigorating & refreshing, I really enjoyed the experience; again the staff are wonderful. Thanks guys for the laugh & the experience, the movie & the stills - Dancing naked was never so much fun ! I have a great day & may the site live on !
Jools for Abby Winters

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