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Name : Jilly
Age: 21
Height: 170
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

Feeling a bit tired, full moon last night so couldn’t sleep much.
Pretty excited though, that sort of nervous excitement ... don’t know what it’s going to be like but I’m sure it will be fun ! Photographers are really friendly and down to earth.
I love taking my clothes offf at any chance so really happy about spending the day doing it today ...

After the Shoot :

Yep, definatly fun. The bean bag was sitting on was a bit uncomfortable, after I moved to the floor it was much easier to move around. Really Enjoyed being able to incoporate some yoga, nude yoga is the best!!
Jilly for Abby Winters

  • Holy shit, I love that girl! What a beautiful, hairy body.

  • Your pussy looks like it hasn’t been washed for months. Just the way I like them. Nice and smelly.

  • Good sunny afternon Jilly, you are beautiful girl. I woould like to meet with you. However I live in Czech republic and I´m ugly. I wish you great life. I think that you haven´t to do erotic photos. Thanks for you
    Peter Key

  • Lovely, you have the prettiest face & the hairiest pussy I have seen in a long time Jilly.I like seeing both in the same shot, with your legs wide open. That shot of you with leg behind your head is also very rude - you must know that we fellas love seeing a pretty girl spread open her snatch, & you do it so joyfully.God, I am obsessed by the look of your hairy cunt, I want it so much,to touch it, finger it, & lick it. I would like you to part the hair with your fingers first so I could get my tongue right in.But I would spend some time looking at it close up, so my erection gets extra hard - nothing like the sight of a spread pussy to get you stiff, especially such a gorgeous hairy one as yours.

  • i would love to video you

  • You are the total package. Are you as sweet as you look? Or are you as "wicked" as you look? Either way it’s good to see

  • nice to see a natural hippy girl with a stunner of a pussy
    she looks so happy showing us her great lips and hairy hole

  • jilly is one sweet wicked package.

  • wou! dich möchte ich mal französch verwöhnen!günter

  • Jilly has a beauty that I could fall in love with weather we were spending a lost naked weekend together, or just going out for coffee. She’s definitely girl friend material

  • Wow, you have the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen, not to mention your hair and figure are to die for!

  • Is Jilly still active?

  • She makes me want to go to Australia to meet her. She so pretty and a bit naughty if you’ve seen come of her other shoots. Perfect natural body! Wouldn’t change a thing. (and she does look clean and smelling good.)

  • Even though I love shaved pussies, I love hairy assholes even better. I would love to push my tongue all the way inside. Spectacular.

  • Goodness me Jilly, what a natural beauty you are. I only found your pictures yesterday and can’t get you out of my mind.

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