Jill @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Today is my first shoot ! I am a little bit nervous ... but overall very EXCITED ! I cannot wait to see how it turns out !

After the Shoot :

It was a lot of hard work BUT SO MUCH FUN !! It was lots of "bearing-it-all" and I really enjoyed every second. I cannot wait to see it ! Thank you Abby Winters !!!!

Jill for Abby Winters

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    Hallo Jill
    Deine Bilder sind echt super, melde Dich doch mal bei mir
    LGs Tilo

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    Jill is gorgeous - love her pretty, pixie-like face, tiny breasts and incredibly hairy genitalia. She has amazingly thick pubic hair, and nice to see how she massages her clitoris in the mirror while spreading apart her thick, fleshy brown labia nestled in a great mass of hair. The pleasure on her face in the last pic shows how much she loves having her hairy vulva penetrated and would replace that dildo with my swollen penis, thrusting into her vagina until her hairy pussy spasms with orgasm.

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