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Age: 19
Height: 162
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

I’m looking forward to this shoot!
My only worry concern is it my housemates come home early then’d kill me.
But they’ve killed me before I should have some anyway fun..!

After the Shoot :

Yeah! went well, but it does take it out of ya!
I’d love to do it again and I’d be a bit more relaxed as well.
The girls were fantastic to work with.
Loads of fun taking my clothes off-it was hot in there !
Really would want to do more work now that I have more of an idea ! It’s leberatling

Janey for Abby Winters

  • Janey-
    You have good choice on lingerie, and you pose so wonderfully. Your figure is so cute and your smile so warm.The toy is a wonderful addition, it is so sexy to see you play with your toy. Keep enjoying life your going to a great peron to be with-cheers- Carla

  • Lovely to see you with your clothes on Janey, so cute in your top and panties and then with them off! Nice to see your pretty face and you holding your vagina lips open at the same time. george.

  • hello janey.

    You are beautiful and wonderful, I am brunet more I adore a pussy pink, that delights me gave water in the mouth. I am of Brazil, I kiss cat takes care.

  • Awesome! Please get her back to do a girl-girl shoot!

  • Wow cutie. Ur a treat to eyes. Lovely tight sweet pussy.

  • What a sweet fresph young little teenager with nice ripe little tits! Love her tight pink cunt too and how her folding slides into her must pussy.

  • You look so cute and innocent, I didn’t expect to see you spread your pussy open and side a dildo up inside your cunt but I’m very pleased you did. I have to download your video, I can just imagine the sounds of your wet pussy and moans as you side the dildo in and out of your young, hairy pussy. Your tits are wonderful too, so small and supple with perfectly round nipples.

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