Irene A - Abby Winters

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Age: 32 | Height: 155 cm | Cancer

Debut date: 23 Sep 2016
Total shoots: 2
56m 38s / 2 video clips
527 images in 4 image sets

Before the Shoot :

It’s been 2 years since the last shooting ! I’m grateful for such a positive community and I’m flattered because members asked me for another shoot. You rock !

After the Shoot :

I feel beautiful. I think I’m more confident with this shoot than my first time with AW. Every shoot made me feel sexy and I ’m bright with happy sensuality I can share with you.

Irene A for Abby Winters

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  • Anna S : I love her lips !!!
  • Vera : Great photos, body and how big are those inner pussy lips. Cannot imagine them pushing back and (...)
  • Chloe V & Maia : I wish I’m at Maia place
  • Chloe V : Love your body sooo much..want to lick it every milimeter of it..especially your pussy and (...)
  • Chloe V : Love your body sooo much..want to lick it non stop
  • Alexa : Send me your wet panty..
  • Marilyn D : Lick every kilometer of your skin
  • Alexa : Wow looking at her big perky tits and hairy pussy got me throbbing and I came in no (...)
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