Immie @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

This morning dawned gray and misty. The temperature is beautiful, thought. Todya I’ll be shooting my first solo in over four years which is pretty exciting. I look forward to making some magic with my lovely shooters.

After the Shoot :

We found some high grass to shoot in and I got reacquainted with all manner of creepy wrawlies. Misha and Izzy seemed pretty over the moon with the results thoyght. I’m looking forward to seeing the results, too, I gots me a good feling about this one :)

Immie for Abby Winters

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    Picture 4024 is great.

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    fille absolument extraordinaire

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    In some photos she looks like Paula (Melbourne), but she is much more natural looking.

    You have better taking shoots dressing her with dayly and casual clothes, before getting her naked. Pretending that she is doing things like: studying, cooking, gardening...

    I love this girl.

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    Immune is a Naturally Beautiful Lady The Best I have seen on the Site

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    Immie the best model Ever

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    Oh to be there undressing you

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    Immie is stunning - so nice to see such a natural and normal woman’s body. Love her small breasts and large areolae, as well as the bog mole on her right boob, and especially her thick natural pubic bush sprouting from all around her genitals. Her hairy pussy must smell amazing when she is aroused and you can see her sexual appetite from just how much she loves fingering her vagina and massaging her breasts. In her video she makes incredible grunts and noises of pleasure as her hairy pussy spasms with orgasm.

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    Just saw pictures of IMMIE she is a Fantastic Beautiful Lady especially her perfect boobs especially the mole/birthmark and her bush is amazing Best model I have ever seen

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