Immie - Abby Winters

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Age: 22
Height: 182
City: Melbourne

Before the Shoot :

It’s freezing cold today, so no dice with the outdoor thing this time.
Hooray for variety !
I got likened to an octopus this morning.
I suppose the tentacles could come in useful !
There’s a bit of fizzing excitement under my skin. Should be fun tough.

After the Shoot :

Another shoot done and dusted, wahay !
I feel like this one had more substance than the last one, which is nice.
I got to do more talking this time, and I feel like I got to show more of my actual personality.
And apparently I’m a goddess! heh heh !
That’s even better than an octopus.

Immie for Abby Winters

  • Immie, much cuter without the GYN shots. You havw great body, without opening your vulva lips-Suzie

  • Oh no, those GYN-shots makes it all just perfect. The mix of innocence and naughtyness is a beautiful combination.

    • I disagree, Immie looks so cute pulling open her vulva and looking into the camera. Cute, sexy and brave.

      Not that I dislike the other pictures of course, getting undressed, gradually exposing her breasts, lovely rounded
      bottom, and figure all with that gorgeous smile... with some good closeups of Immies cunt nicely spread and showing her
      clitoris. All part of a sexy tour round Immie, which is the point.

      Simply having a load of picture taken between Immies legs without everything else in the set would be extrememly boring.
      Showing her cunt (mean, I’m curious what it looks like close up and in detail... so "naughty" of her) alongside all her
      other poses is a real turn on.

    • You re right....all the shots are fab of Immie! Check out her video, it s amazing. She gives a fantastic intimate tour of her cunt. Oh...I m all hard thinking about it. She s a beauty too!

  • ma preferee elle est superbe

  • si j’étais ton élu, je te couvrirais de baisers et je m’attarderais longtemps sur ton fruit très beau et très juteux, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Maybe will i take a fly over ocean in the only way to meet you, Immie, with your so incredible smile. I think my next night will be full of delicious dreams ...

  • You’re gorgeous, Immie. Whoever said that you are a goddess is right: I’d love to kneel and worship at your lovely little pink temple...

  • I love this Gal. She is so beautiful and cute. More of Immie...Please.

  • sweetee - bondage would become you - restrained, titillated, tantilized, teased, tortured, tormented, forced to cum again and again......orgasm after shuttering orgasm

  • Good debate blunt fact is Immie is a stunner. I don’y normally go for the gyneacolocical display but her clit is really nice.

    Perfect hairy bush, really nice breasts and an nice hairy place. Hair is good (it’s so erotic) let it grow girls.

  • For me, she’s got the complete package. A beautiful young face and tiny girlish tits; but a fantastic womanly quim, hairy and fleshy.

  • After watching 3 Immie masterbating vids... no point anymore in seeking any xxxxvids elsewhere. Not only the very very best.. but..the ultimate...

    Just love like everyone else the personality, and many many thanx for the intimate details of your clitty Immie -:)

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