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Age: 21
Height: 165
City: Melbourne

And looking though the square window today is Holly, the majestic young lady, climbing in and out and round and round the windows and seeing what fun you can have. Hope she doesn’t get her knickers caught on a splinter.

  • super sexy pussy lips... Very cute girl
    ...but sorry I marked you down from 5/5 - 3/5 for Smoking Yuk !

  • I agree with the above, beautiful girl, but no vote from me, because smoking is the ultimate contraceptive.

  • nothing like a pretty girl with an attractive big pussy, total package who cares if you smoke ..... youre hot

  • Hey Honey I want to enjoy ur hot body..........come to me my love

  • Hottie... ’Anyhow, have a Winfield’ Pure Aussie gold...

  • I agree, your very beautiful but smoking is the hugest turn off no matter perfectly beautiful a girl is. Sorry.

  • Smoking is a big minus. It seems to be used as a prop in these kinds of photos quite a lot. I read that a high % of models smoke- apparently they believe it keeps their weight down. I guess quite a few of Abby’s girls would smoke on law of averages.

  • Perfectly shaped, young and healthy breasts! Thank you so much for sharing! I have to believe that the Holly42 and Holly63 pictures, showing her perfect 10 chest, would make almost any young woman jealous (and almost any man aroused). Holly - I hope you consider yourself *extremely* blessed to sport such an amazing upper body. Wow!

  • Yes, I agree with the above - the smoking is a big turn-off, but if I don’t look at the smoking pic, she has a pussy to die for(maybe she will, if she keeps smoking). I love hairy pussies but I make an exception here - her meaty cunt is the horniest I have seen in a long time,and deserves to be exposed well, with a good shave job. Can’t imagine the joy it would bring her boyfriend to get down there and have a close look, and go all out with gentle finger examination (opening up her pussy lips)and lots of licking.Geoff.

  • It is ashame she smokes(or maybe it is only for the posing). Holly is still abeautiful woman, perhaps someone will be luck enough to have amad passionate session with her to explain the dangers of smoking.

  • This girl have the most nice pussy I see in the web. All the girl is pure art.

  • True, a cigarette between your lips is a turn off. But the only lips I’m staring at are the ones between your legs. Amazing...

  • 4.5/5 On the contrary, smoking is a plus and a turn-on :)though it’s not the best pic of you with that cig

  • wow, you are nice
    and sexy shaved

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