Holli @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Before, i was excited! I love the feelings of empowerment and freedom that come with being naked ! I was however, really nervous for the filming of the video ... i had no idea what to expect !

After the Shoot :

I feel liberated and confident ! But also very tired ! Toby + Emmalee did an amazing job making everything relaxed and comfortable - completely professional ! Amazing !

Holli for Abby Winters

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    Amazing! Best AW girl ever!

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    aww, lovely pics Holli. You do look a little nervous, but that makes you even more cute.

    I have to mention your bum in particular, smooth, rounded and perfect.

    I really hope that you stay brave enough to come back for another photoshoot, and that you’ll open your legs to show us your hairy cunt :-)

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    Good looking girls with a lovely wisp of womanhood between the legs.

    Tattoos and piercing do nothing for her.

    But listen carefully girls, tights are just not sexy - stockings please.

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    Wow, the tits on this sweet little teenage girl are lovely. So pale, perky, supple with nice pink nipples, well proportioned too the rest of her breasts. I wouldn’t mind groping those lovely little tits of hers. Decent pussy on her too, nice meaty little cunt hiding between her legs. Hope to see her spread her legs, open her cunt lips and give that tight little cunt a little fingering, her clit looks amazing to play with. Love the dark pubes on her pussy too. Overall a delicious young pussy. Nice feet and toes too.

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    What a babe!! Decent little cunt on her too, nice meaty clit and cunt flaps. The tits on her are just heavenly though! Nice shape to them, well proportioned size, nipples look nice too.

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    Would you just look at those sweet, tiny little tits on her chest. So beautifully white, pert and ripe. The pubic hair on her pussy is nice too, but still allows us to see her wonderful pussy lips. She had beautiful feet and toes too. Lovely model from head to toe and all of her gorgeous lady bits in between.

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    Not a bad set of tits on her, nice and perky with lovely pink nipples. Nice furry pussy too, nice to see her clit peeking out of her post lips like that.

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    I love looking at this pale, small titted girl naked. Tits are small and soft, I’d love to just walk up to her and grope her tits until my hands hurt. Those pale pink nipples could do with a good tweaking too. That cunt in between her legs looks delicious too. It’s a shame she didn’t spread it wide open for us, I bet it’s all pink and juicy inside.

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    Ah such a nice pussy, and a cute ass

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