Helena R @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :
I wait new interesting impressions from shooting. It’s my first time with abbywinters.com Preparation was thorough and interesting And I hope that shooting will be the best of the best :)
After the Shoot :
It was amazing experience for me ! I never do nothing like that on shootings. I think such a careful approach very useful for every model. Very thanks to Hannah ! She helped me more open and it was fun to work with her. I hope I will work with you in the Future again :)))
Helena Rock for Abby Winters

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    you are sweet, hey did you paint the pictures on the wall?

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    I know Helena! She’s actually a twin. From what I know of them though there no way her sister would be up for a photoshoot. Mores the pity I guess!

    Her sister’s actually the cute one, I’d say Helena’s the sexy one. No surprises there!

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