Grisel @ Abby Winters

Long legs, puffy nipples, beautiful round bum and extremely kissable lips. Grisel is an exceptionally good looking girl. Her Latin American roots showcasing contrasting features of pale skin and dark eyes.
The afternoon light wraps gently across the svelte body of Grisel, her cute smile and alluring eyes are captivating. Her thick natural bush protrudes from the sides of her G string as she runs her hands across her bush and onto her clitoris before deciding to introduce a personal toy to help her masturbate.

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    Ah, it’s great to see a girl here with a proper bush between her legs. She also seems to have some nice big lips on her cunt, I’d love to see those spread wide, framing her pink insides and a nicely gaping vagina.

    Great body, very nice tits and a pretty face, she fills those tight shorts very sexily, but looks even better out of them and dropping her knickers.

    Here’s hoping for more from you Grisel :-)

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    What a really hot sexy babe and I really love the bushy pubes. Please keep them.

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    Grisel, you are gorgeous from head to toe.

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    such a great girl. Wonderful, I love all her sets

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