Gretchen - Abby Winters

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Age: 18

Before the Shoot :

To be honest, i actually thought that it’s never going to happen since AW is from Australia and I’m from Germany. But we found a common ground and now i’m here in Amsterdam. Although I’ve done other shoots before, it’s still something quite exciting for me to model for AW. I can’t wait for it. so let’s go.

After the Shoot :

As i expected, shooting with a woman as a photographer was simply great ! I don’t know how the pictures look like, yet, but idefinitely loved the idea of the letter. Cause i also like to write letters in reality. Hope to be back for the next shoot soon !

Gretchen for Abby Winters

  • Your video made me so horny, I wish I was licking you out.

  • Nice girl, lovely tits and figure but, oh, Gretchen’s hairy bush and the sight of her pink slit opening up, surrounded by pubic hair, as she opens her legs. Reminded me of Amy J spreading her hairy cunt and gave me a good hard-on.

  • Gretchen gives the impression of being a very studious student but thank goodness she has time to relax. I for one certainly appreciate the sight of her exceedingly moist vagina being played with. Top marks.

  • natural groove ! Great. Altough there is also hearts & minds in the...illusion we live.

  • Gretchen,that German accent is quite hot. I like your style and your innocent attitude. I would do exactly what you’re describing in your video sample if I were there, just because you talk about it so sweetly and you have such a lovely shade of pink down there...

  • I would love to spend a great deal of quality time between Gretchen’s legs. She has really nice long toned thighs with a beautiful natural reward at the top of them too. Natural colour coordinated blond hair too. Her breasts are also fantastic and should be caressed, kissed, nuzzled and suckled.

    Just one thing Gretchen, tights are not sexy. Great for short figure hugging skirts and cold weather but posing in them? We should see more Abby girls in stockings, they make the best of your legs and allow you to exhibit your wares to get us stiff.

  • The pictures of you with your fingers or a dildo up your hairy cunt are quite sexy.

  • I thought she pretended to be German. Her accent did not souund quite German. She used a limited range of words in a video for atk hairy. By the way there she went as "Zazie".
    I could not resist her, truly beautiful girl to me.

  • hell, i came across a photo of gretchen without glasses and I fell in love immediately :D

    google search really led me to abby winters here, and i think am in love now. :p

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