Grace R @ Abby Winters

Grace cuddles her fluffy white cat Fifi and relaxes in bed, looking sexy and sporty in her workout gear. Her leopard-print yoga pants cling to her shapely legs, and her hard nipples poke through her sports bra. She frees her breasts to do some topless weightlifting, then lays down wearing only her panties, and slips her hand inside them, with a charming grin. Fully nude, she lays on her tummy and rests her head on her hand, providing an excellent view of her cute bottom. It looks so good that she needs to admire it herself, so she stands before her full-length mirror and happily looks over her shoulder.

Behind Grace’s sweet demeanour is a kinky side, which first comes out when she puts a bowl on her chair and proceeds to fill it with pee. Then she grabs a handful of sex toys and gets ready to play with them, by spreading her vulva to expose her clit. She takes a pink dildo into her hairy pussy until she’s dripping with girlcum, then deeply inserts her butt plug. The intense feeling of double-penetration transports her into a world of pure pleasure, as she closes her eyes and masturbates to orgasm.

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