Gia G & Ava @ Ersties

Gia G and Ava dive into a girlfriend experience for the day. What starts as a playful make-out session on the mini-golf course soon turns into something more, as their chemistry intensifies and leads them straight to the bedroom. Gia proves to be the ideal match for Ava!

Ersties has paired Gia G and Ava for this sizzling blind date. Curious Ava is eager to find a confident partner, and the alluring Gia is excited to take on the role of seducer. Although Ava needs a bit of reassurance before her first lesbian encounter, Gia quickly helps her overcome her nerves.

The two spend the day as girlfriends, enjoying a charming mini-golf date. Gia makes Ava feel at ease, guiding her through the powerful sensations of her first same-sex experience. With Gia’s gentle instructions on how to touch her, Ava quickly becomes adept, eliciting moans from Gia as she starts to lick and finger her.

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