Gemma B @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

I’m really excited about todays shoot !! Looking forward to having a fun adventurous time !

After the Shoot :

I had so much fun today ! Definitely a memorable and exhilarating experience ! Looking forward to the next shoot !!!

Gemma B for Abby Winters

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    Love your beautiful bush

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    Decent set of tits on her, wouldn’t mind groping her and fondling those lovely little tits of hers. They’re so supple and small, sit well on her chest and her nice pink nipples are well proportioned to her areola and breast. Great to see her rubbing her tight hairy pussy and inserting various objects up her sweet pink cunt. Not a bad set of cunt lips on her either. Just a shame she kept her socks on, would love to see her feet and toes. Hope to see her back again, getting naked for us, spreading her legs and sliding things up her cunt and masturbating for our enjoyment. Her tight little asshole looks wonderful too, would love to see her slide a finger up her bum or maybe put a toy up her asshole.

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    Looove the sexy socks and bush!

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    Fine little cutie. Spread those thighs wide and show us that lovenest babe

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    Tidy little cunt on this small titted babe. It was fun to watch her stuff various objects up her tight wet slit. Also fun to watch her jerking off, she knows how to finger that hairy cunt of hers well. Tits are a bit saggy and small but that’s ok, just means they’ll bounce around more while she’s being pounded.

    Thanks for sharing your body with us sugar tits, it’s quite decent.

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    Would you look at the delicious pink cunt on this one 😍 lovely face and a nice soft set of tits on her too

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