Francisca @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Today I will do my first shoot for Abby Winters ! I’m so excited !! Mostly because I will try my new toy ... you know I like feel two things inside my pussy and asshole the same time but with a toy is new for me ! And you know I love have my picture taken ... hahaha. Am I nervous ? Yeah just a little bit ... Little bit shy as well ... but Just a little little bit !!! Hahaha

After the Shoot :

Ohhhh ... Is already 6pm !!! The times fly !!! Well, I had such a good time ! Lots of photos, masturbate, orgasm, and also piss on the floor hahaha Was really amazing ! I didnt’t feel nervous or shy ... everything was natural ... I felt so beutiful and sexy. Happy with my body. I can’t wait for the next !!!

Francisca for Abby Winters

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    We know Francisca you love having your pussy and anus filled at the same time - you are clearly a very sexual creature. Would love to stretch your tight holes with my swollen penis while watching you caress your small breasts and moan with orgasm.

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    Can’t stop fantasizing sucking your nipples in your bed, you are giving me a major erection my dear

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