Fabienne @ Ersties

In this captivating scene, Fabienne, a professional zookeeper from Frankfurt, astounds us with an exhilarating display. With a mirror on the floor, she fulfills our fantasies using a double cock dildo, creating a pleasure-filled orgasm spectacle.

Aside from her love for gaming, particularly games featuring bearded Vikings, Fabienne describes herself as a little orgasm machine, which she vividly demonstrates in this shoot. The sight of her experiencing multiple orgasms and her trembling body adds to the excitement.

However, it’s not only the intense pleasure that grabs our attention but also the unique setup she devised with our team. As she masturbates, the camera captures her body from impressive angles, and the climax scene where she quirts is scorching hot. Moreover, Fabienne’s choice of a remarkable dildo with two cocks for double penetration, after indulging in fisting, heightens her enjoyment to the fullest.

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