Esmerelda & Irmina @ Abby Winters

Pulling at her pert round bum, Irmina grips her cheeks, stretching them wider she reaches in with her fingers and tongue, making contact with Esmerelda’s anus she pushes down harder.
Undressing each others petite bodies they reveal that both have full natural bushes, underarm hair and a great sexual appetite. Holding onto Irmina’s small breasts Esmerelda makes her way down to Irmina’s wet, pink vagina, licking and fingering she brings her to a passionate climax!

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    Great shots of Irmina’s long tongue probing Esmerelda’s tight anus and then sliding her finger inside her anal orb. Irmina has hairier genitals but her juicy labia look so inviting and can see why Esmerelda likes burying her nose into Irmina’s wiry mass of pubic hair. Would love to taste the anuses and vaginas of both these gorgeous women.

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