Erina @ Abby Winters

Before the Shoot :

Hey ! It’s my third shooting and I’m so glad to do that again. The most exciting for me is to do this on the nature ! Really new experience in my life. I feel curious about the result. By the way I have enthusiastic mood and sure will be fun ! I’m ready to enjoy my new shooting.

After the Shoot :

Yeah ! We did it ! New super exciting shooting. My good expectation created really great time. I made sure I love this process of shooting as Art as expression of my personality. I love nature and feel synergetic with air, earth, water - as It’s a part of me. Ohh ... It’s my world ! I felt myself as I was a teenager when I ride a bycicle and walk in the forest and all what I did today made my DAY full of optimism and energy.

Erina for Abby Winters

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